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Our baker really cake making skills level Asian wtf. Not only is this a gingerbread house, they decorated it with real candy! Got those sugared gummies, marshmallows, macarons, candy canes, gingerbread men and even Hello Panda please. And there were little figurines of Hansel, Gretel and the Wicked Witch.

Hansel and Gretel, whom Fighter likes to think of himself and Penny as. With this little girl who Fat Her fell in love with, Angel. She was so cheerful and smily the entire time. These kids really can be happy with so little. We asked him to help give out the party packs to the kids and all the older kids just layan him hahaha.

I wanna talk a bit about Lighthouse though.

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And then in , Lighthouse was set up. Right now, they currently house 58 kids ranging from a six month old baby to 18 year olds.

Some of the kids are orphans, some have been abandoned or abused, some just have parents who cannot take care of them. The kids are of different races but most of them are Indian or Orang Asli. In fact, they told me that some Bumiputra companies are not interested in sponsoring or donating because there are not enough Malay kids. I hope you guys are proud. Someone asked some of them if they felt resentful that parents came to visit their children at the home, and they sincerely said no.

They were all so well behaved too and even prepared a dance for us after they finished playing games. Some of the kids, especially the Orang Asli come from appallingly poor backgrounds too.

Getting rid of Dummy Aged 2 - It Worked!

Auntie Jacinta said when they get to her, they are shockingly skinny. If you would like to help, please do! This is not an ad wtf but just something I want to help with after meeting the kids and the amazing people who run Lighthouse. Thank you! Cos like I told her, I really need this workshop; my photography skills are erm to put it nicely… atrocious.

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Once some friends and I actually had a photo contest when we were traveling — we each took a pic of the same strawberry dessert and posted on Instagram and asked people to vote whose is the nicest. The Huawei P9 is a very good phone, not least cos of its camera. The famous camera on the P9 comes with dual Leica lenses. In very simple terms I totally had to read up about this fml , it means that with two lenses, more light enters the camera, resulting in sharper photos. Take me for example. Anyway here are some tips that I picked up that I may or may not be putting to use in my photos wtf.

Very important for the Instagram generation wtf.

Stolen Child

Key point — we need to experiment with different angles and composition yo! Take a picture from your usual angle and distance. Then take five steps in front and snap again. You might be surprised to find a new cute angle that you can work with. But Nadirah opened my eyes up to new possibilities! Mine wtf. Um why mine not as nice ah?

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Like this photo that Nadirah took as well. She put that torchlight there then a mirror inside the book to get this photo. But think beyond that! Nadirah just randomly threw a sheer pink scarf over her light fixture in her toilet and bam, she got this gorgeous photo. Instead of normally just taking close ups of my fambly and friends what! Cos I love them so I wanna see their faces wtf , Nadirah taught us to play with cropping photos differently, not just focusing on their faces or making sure their whole body is in wtf but playing with the space around them too for a more interesting photo.

Keeping in mind her advice, I took this photo of Nadirah when we were practicing our photo skills. I also took this photo while I was in Manila and was pretty happy with it! In a sample shot she showed us, she got her friend to put on a hat to make it more interesting. Tried that here, not sure if it works hahahaah. Maybe the hair accessory, bracelet, necklace AND one Croc shoe is a bit overdoing it hahahahaha. Um this one is I say one hahaha.

So when all else fails, distract people with cuteness. Thank you Huawei for organizing the workshop! I need to tattoo your photography tips to the back of my brain thx. Note: Photos by Nadirah were captured from her website and Instagram. This post was written in collaboration with Huawei. I was going through Google Images looking at old photos what? Me at age 11 or At this time of my life, the epitome of high fashion to me was this faded Flintstones tshirt that used to belong to Mummy Ooi, and a psychedelic pair of bicycle tights. Growing up, all through high school my definition of dressing up was a large tshirt and some shorts or knee length tights.

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However, I had very little in the way of vanity back then. The only time I was slightly vain was when my best friends got their ears pierced when we were 12 and I so badly wanted to do mine too. We were standing outside Poh Kong already, all ready to go pierce. But at the last minute, when Fat Her Ooi heard about it, he balked and absolutely forbade it.

Pantomime, Burlesque, and Children's Drama

I ended up piercing my ears at Because Ooib went out one day and got his ears pierced WTF. So I finally got my earrings. We started dating at In high school hierarchy, he was one of the popular kids and I was a happy nerd wtf. So I tried. I bought new non-tshirt clothes.

I started wearing skirts. I learned how to walk in heels. However, that experience opened me up to different styles of dressing up. I started to look beyond my usual big tshirts and learned how to coordinate trendier and unslutty outfits wtf. Comes with four sheets of wonderfully printed Christmas These delightful sticky note pads feature Vintage Travel images in bold colors.

Perfect for writing lists, reminders and sweet notes for Personalize all your things with these cute stickers. Each set contains figures. New in the Wrapping Room range! Send a lovely message as well a lovely gift to someone special with krafty tags. This set Sort by price From low to high From high to low. Show all.

Showing 1 - 50 of items. Add to cart panier. Diary horse A Little Lovely Company. Diary unicorn A Little Lovely Company. Notebook - Panda love Petit Monkey. Desk set cat A Little Lovely Company. Very bisexual. Very, very, very bisexual. In other words, we want everybody to be fun and good-looking. Weinstein, the ex-boyfriend of then model Jessica Lange, started out as a waiter at Le Jardin.

With the help of Peruvian P. And Steve Rubell was there, too, almost every night, working the crowd. When Studio finally did open—on April 26, —every other club in town dropped dead. The fabulous people had fled to higher ground. Today Steve Rubell is above it all. Through his windows he can look out at an uneven silhouette of that saturated empire, downtown Manhattan, and beyond to a chartreuse pinpoint on the horizon, the Statue of Liberty.